Out Stealing Boats

BB left me alone on his boat.
Betcha he didn't think for one second that anything would be amiss when he returned.

Instead of taking the same picture that I did last week,
I was really ransacking
dancing naked
and I left surprises in hidden places.

I am really quite dangerous when left alone.

And yes, I read Out Stealing Horses.
And no, I didn't like it.

Books always come to mind when I blog.
The titles often have nothing to do with the post.


How I Spent My Summer Vacation First Day of Summer
By Lisa

 I sat, looking at rope, when the puffy clouds caught my attention.

Not wanting to be drawn in by nature, I stood up, and stared at whatever man-made materials I could find.

BB decided we should move.
He doesn't like to be called Boat Boy.
Sorry, but I draw the line at BM.
Besides, one should be thrilled with any nickname I bestow.

 Like usual, I wasn't sure if we were coming, or going.

My guess would be going.
Yes, that is heading away...
Oh, look, it's the rebuilt bridge.
Two lanes, because traffic hasn't changed.
It is your imagination that the population has grown.

The lighthouse
The lighthouse
I like threes, but I only took two.
The End.


"Why don't you watch T.V.?"  was the question BG asked of me tonight. 

Hey, I watched a friend, via webcam, as he watched the news last night.
Indirect television viewing should count.
The way the light danced was cool.
It made me sleepy.

For others, who like me, are easily amused, there is this webcam.


“Write in recollection and amazement for yourself”
Jack Kerouac