Out Stealing Boats

BB left me alone on his boat.
Betcha he didn't think for one second that anything would be amiss when he returned.

Instead of taking the same picture that I did last week,
I was really ransacking
dancing naked
and I left surprises in hidden places.

I am really quite dangerous when left alone.

And yes, I read Out Stealing Horses.
And no, I didn't like it.

Books always come to mind when I blog.
The titles often have nothing to do with the post.


  1. So THAT'S what all of that noise was! And then I saw the flash and wondered, "Is that Lady Godiva gone coastal?" ;-)

    You are such a nut! LOL!

    The book looks like a good one. I might check it out. Thanks for the review of sorts.


    Sheila :-)

  2. Oh he got his own toy? :)

    I just posted the list of reads on my blog too.
    I need to find some good reads but haven't had time alone at the library to browse! :(