Random Hands

At the moment, I am camera-less, as my camera now resides in a dorm room. While I dreamt of buying a new one, I spent a bit of time looking through some hand photos. Eyes might be the window to the soul, but hands, and the way they move, have always been much more captivating to me.

Raisin stems when they meet your tongue, are on par with eggshell specks.
Yes, I inspect each shriveled delight before it is popped into my mouth.
The way the light was coming through his hands, was cool.

 This little boy, grabbing his dad's hand, caught my attention at the beach.
 BG wearing a charm bracelet, and being, well, charming.
 L is for Lisa.
Hands with sunglasses

Even cowgirls get the blues, or, in this case, a gift from Fiona. 

 If you are ever tempted to put paint in a plastic cup, 
and then in the microwave, don't.
 Cutting gingham.
 Hair twirling in anticipation.
 Resting on a wall.


  1. Lisa, those are some really neat photos. I agree about the light coming through the one shot and how neat that is. Good work!

    I am sitting here thinking that I wish I had some of the chocolate goodies you were talking about earlier. The chicken soup left me wanting something sweet. ;-)

    Love you...


    Sheila :-)

  2. Fun pictures--but I'm sorry that you are camera-less at this point. The things we sacrifice for our children ;-)

    And a package from Fiona--how cool! I miss her blogging.

    Have a good one!


  3. Hi Lisa
    Great pictures. Loved seeing BG. Ooops I am assuming that paint + pasltic pot + microwave is a recipe for disaster!

  4. Great shots Lisa! I would be lost without my camera..lol

  5. Um....WHY would you put paint in the microwave to begin with? Let alone in a plastic cup? ;-0
    Some very neat photos though!

  6. Jennifer, I sometimes save clean up time by freezing paint, and brushes. I was trying to thaw it quickly. Come on, doesn't everyone do that?